Research Coaching Program: A two-day workshop

The first two-day workshop within the Research Coaching Program organized by the Center for Advanced Studies and partner organizations was held in Tirana this weekend.

The main goals of the research coaching program are to improve junior researchers’ research skills and contribute to the development of a sound scholarly research culture in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.
The program gathered twelve participants who hold a graduate university degree, young university and research institute staff, and members of research-oriented NGOs from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.
The program is providing fellows with experienced researchers as mentors, Dr. Nedim Begović and Dr. Ardian Muhaj, who will advise and supervise them during the implementation phase of their research projects.
Fellows are expected to conduct quality research according to the research protocol agreed during the application process. As their final product, each fellow will submit a study that the organizers may decide to publish in one of the periodicals or publications issued by their organizations.