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On Upbringing and Education: Pedagogical Essays and Insights

Adnan Tufekčić

Center for Advanced Studies is proud to present the book On Upbringing and Education: Pedagogical Essays and Insights. The author of the book is Adnan Tufekčić.

On Upbringing and Education: Pedagogical Essays and Insights

The book that is presented before us represents the author’s collected and published works and essays in various journals. All of them in some parts have been revised and arranged in a way that they represent separate chapters here. These chapters represent an attempt to learn about some fundamental issues in the field of education in our contemporary conditions.


On Upbringing and Education: Pedagogical Essays and Insights is a unique text which represents important theoretical and methodological insights into the determinants of upbringing and education as well as the most recent defining and decisive crises of upbringing and education in modern society. The book developed as a result of the author’s long years of reflections on social “illnesses” and their impact on upbringing and education and represents a reaction to the systematic institutionalization and instrumentalization that gradually repress the authentic and human need for upbringing and education.

Amel Alić, University of Zenica


These essays stand together as one coherent group inviting further research. Methodologically balanced, all the essays, with the author’s attempt to offer his own theoretical contribution, problematize important pedagogical issues. When pedagogy as an integrative science is increasingly divided and moving away from its essence under the influence of various disciplines, this book represents a return to the discipline’s pedagogical roots. This book, by its approach, interpretation, systematization, and synthesis of important issues, is a significant contribution to social science. This is a truly pedagogical book.

Haris Cerić, University of Sarajevo